Best Free VPN For PC

You can find hundreds of free VPN everywhere but it doesn’t mean all VPNs are worthy. It is always wiser to use a good free VPN which provides you an opportunity to protect your details from hackers. If you use the internet without a VPN then your details can be hacked and misused later. Good VPN services always ensure that your identity and personal details are always protected while using the internet. After VPNs popularity, everyone really wants to download free VPN on PC Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices for extra protection.

Best Free VPN for PC

You may find premium VPNs more reliable as compared to free VPN. But there are many people who can’t afford premium VPN, it doesn’t mean they can’t protect their device from hackers. All VPNs function are almost the same and the basic reason for those VPNs are extra layer privacy. And surprising thing is that free VPNs are much in demand. Everyone tried to go with a Free VPN as compared to paid.

Here we find truly free VPN services that you can download without paying a single penny. For all those best free VPN for PC, you don’t need any credit card or other detail for using them. Those VPNs will help you to keep anonymous and hide your network traffic from the third-party. But some free VPN services may have time limitations or data limitations. Otherwise, they all provide you great security and you have access to geo-restricted content without wasting a single penny.  All free VPNs list is available below and you can download them on PC, Windows 10 and Mac Laptop as well.

Turbo VPN For PC:


  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Easy to use.
  • Strong data encryption.
  • No logging policy.
  • Support torrenting and Netflix.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.


  • Connect to a limited device.
  • No-kill switch.
  • Slow Speed.
  • No customer service support.turbo vpn for pc

Turbo VPN is the number one free VPN on our list because it provides free VPN services and you can use it without limitations. Its a truly great free VPN that provides excellent security on your device. Turbo VPN can be a very useful VPN for those who live in an explosive political environment. They can unblock restricted news channels, websites, and other social apps for free. This VPN has service in 9 countries and no bandwidth limit for anyone. Turbo VPN unblocks geo-restricted content worldwide and allows the user to unblock entertaining content for free. It has military-grade encryption which provides you great security on the internet. Overall a great VPN for security and unblock all kinds of content from all over the world.

Is Turbo VPN totally free?

This VPN is absolutely free for everyone. And provide you great security on the internet and let you unblock your favorite content without paying a single cent. But its free version has some slow speed and also support so many ads. So if you want a faster connection, No Ad on-screen, worldwide locations and want to connect 5 devices at a time, then you have to buy its VIP version. Otherwise, the free version also has great security plans.

You can download Turbo VPN on PC, Windows 10, and Mac Laptop from Here.

TunnelBear For PC:


  • User-friendly.
  • Provide a clean user experience.
  • lack of advertisement.
  • support all devices.
  • unlock extra gigabytes.
  • Strong encryption.
  • Fastest connection speed.
  • Support Opera Browser extension,  macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.


  • Limited servers.
  • Not so many features and settings options.
  • Limited data.
  • It does not support streaming sites.TunnelBear for pc

TunnelBear is a great VPN service that provides you some unique and great features according to your device security. This VPN is the most reliable and takes your security very seriously. It provides you an extra layer of protection on all devices. TunnelBear is well design and very easy to use.  Its user-friendly feature makes it great like other best VPNs. It also allows you to connect up to 20 countries servers with the fastest speed. This VPN does not ask for any IP address or data logging. It means your identity is completely anonymous because your data will never store anywhere.

Is TunnelBear totally Free?

This VPN is absolutely free but its free version gives you just 500MB data every month. Which maybe not enough amount for you. So this VPN also offers paid plans as well. So if you want to exceed your data and want extra protection with unlimited download and country servers. Then you have to go with paid plans.

Download Tunnel Bear on PC Windows 10 and Mac Laptop with complete guide from Here.

Express VPN For PC:


  • Excellent speed
  • Nearly 100 countries servers from all around the world.
  • Support all streaming websites.
  • Strong data encryption.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Support, Mac, Computer, Linux, Chromebook, and all mobile devices.


  • Expensive paid plans.
  • limited to 3 vpn for pc

Express VPN is the most reliable VPN in the world. This VPN provides you highest speed connection and full with some of the great features which every VPN user wants. One question may come in your mind that why we are listing Express VPN in free VPNs? Express VPN is very sincere about its privacy and the most demanding VPN worldwide. This VPN is not usually free but it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes! you can use this VPN free for one month. And if you go with a 1-year plan then you can use 3 months for free as well. Its free trial will provide you all features and keep your identity anonymous. You can enjoy unlimited streaming and use the internet with full freedom for free.

Is Express VPN worth the money?

This is one of great security tool which encrypts user data and hides their IP address as well. If you are conscious about your security and want to hide your personal details from snooping. Then Express VPN is the best option for you. It’s user-friendly and easy to use features make this VPN more worthy. When you start using Express VPN then you really know the value of this VPN. And understand that Express VPN is really worth the money.

Is Express VPN safe to use?

This VPN is absolutely safe and secure to use. Express VPN uses strong encryption which means your data protection is on a great level. Express VPN hide your identity and keep your all details from third-party. SO no one can hack your detail easily. Express VPN is the number one VPN that provides you highest security on the highest level.

You can download free Express VPN for PC, Windows 10 and Mac Laptop from Here. For PC:


  • No advertisement.
  • Robustness data transfer speed.
  • Excellent privacy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free proxy.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Support, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and different browser extensions.


  • Limited protocols
  • Support a limited number of servers.
  • Low data limit.Hide me for pc

Hide me is also one of the best VPN which provide you extraordinary security on your all devices. You can surf the internet with full freedom. This VPN free version also offers you video streaming and full with great features as well. comes with great technology and provides you amazing privacy policy. Its encrypt your data provide you the highest level of security. This VPN has a no-logging policy and let you browse without any interrupted add.

Is free for a lifetime?

This VPN is absolutely free but its free version comes with some limitations. Its free version data limit is 2 GB per month. And also access to limited number servers. And if you want more advanced security features then you have to go with plus or premium version.

Download Free for PC, Windows 10, and Mac Laptop from Here.

Nord VPN For PC:


  • Best for video streaming.
  • Military Grade Encryption.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No IP leaks found.
  • Allowed P2P/Torrenting.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • High-speed security.
  • Support Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, AndroidTV, and Linux.


  • Slow servers.
  • Low data limit.
  • No discount on the premium version.Nord VPN for pc

Nord VPN is a most advanced VPN which protect your personal detail and hide your identity with cutting-edge technologies. Its a good video streaming VPN and access your favorite geo-restricted content. Now you can browse without a trace because they don’t record or store your data. And don’t share anything you do with the third party. They provide your military-grade encryption and protect your internet traffic with highly advanced technology. Nord VPN allows you to use the internet with full freedom. This VPN is also not totally free, but after using its free trial you will definitely find it more worthy.

IS Nord VPN Free?

Nord VPN is only offering 7 days free trial after that you have to choose any affordable paid plane. It’s 7 days trial service is as good as paid service. And you can use its all paid version features in 7 days. So if you want to use something amazing then you have to pay for it.

Download free Nord VPN for PC, Windows 10 and Mac Laptop from Here.

Hotspot Shield For PC:


  • Strong Data Encryption.
  • Strict no-logs policy.
  • Fast servers.
  • Provide daily 500MB data.
  • Excellent Security.
  • Well designed and easy to use.
  • Support Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.


  • Low performance.
  • No video streaming in the free version.
  • Lot of Intradvertisementisment.Hotspot Shield for pc

Hotspot Shield is the fastest free VPN service that provides you strong security with military-grade encryption. It is the best choice of a free VPN and its amazing features help you to enjoy web surfing in a completely secure environment. Now you have access to your favorite abroad content. It protects your 5 devices at a time. And give you 500MB data every day. So now you can browse securely without paying a single cent. But if you want to stream Netflix or torrenting then its free data maybe not enough for you. Otherwise, you can enjoy full-time secure browsing with Hotspot Shield free version.

Is Hotspot Shield VPN free?

This VPN is absolutely free forever but its free version comes with some limitations. And you also have to face so many ads on-screen. And if you want to enjoy ad-free services with better security and fast connections then you have to go with Elite version. Its Elite version also provides you 24/7 live support.

Download Hotspot Shield for PC, Windows 10, and Mac Laptop from Here.

Windscribe For PC:


  • Strong Privacy policy.
  • Provide free 10 GB data per month.
  • Support video streaming.
  • Support Ad-blocker.
  • Unblock entertaining content.
  • Encrypt browsing activity.
  • Support Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android.


  • Limited access to servers.
  • Slow server connection.
  • Use bots.Windscribe for pc

Windscribe is another best free VPN on our list which lets you browse the web privately. This VPN hides your identity and lets you take back control of your privacy. It masks your IP address and let you access to entertainment and other blocked content in different countries. It never leaks your DNS information and because of its highly strong security, you will only take your browsing history in the grave. No one can see ever that what you are surfing online. Its also help you to block interrupted advertisement on-screen. Overall a great VPN with amazing usage.

Is Windscribe totally free?

Windscribe offering their users a great plan on the free version. Free version users can get 10 GB data every month and also can get extra 5GB data for tweeting about the service. And if you refer any of your friends then the company will reward you more 1 GB data as well. Its free version has some limitations but you can enjoy browsing in a completely secure environment. And if you want unlimited data and all countries servers then you can go with a paid version. Otherwise, its free version is not a bad option for you.

You can download Windscribe for PC Windows and Mac Laptop for free from Here.

ProtonVPN for PC:


  • Excelent performance.
  • No bandwidth limits.
  • Strong Encryption.
  • Support P2P/ torrenting.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Leak-free connection.
  • Support Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.


  • The limited speed with the free version.
  • slow server speed.
  • No Live Chat.Proton VPN for PC

Proton VPN is another easy to use free VPN for everyone. Its free version comes with strong features and lets you browse anonymously. This VPN provides you security anytime at any place. This amazing VPN operates 350 servers in 31 countries worldwide. It’s an advanced security expert and provides you standard encryption with a great protocol.  ProtonVPN provides users with standard security and does not have any logging policy. ProtonVPN has excellent speed but its free version speed is limited as compared to the paid version. But ProtonVPN free version provides you with unlimited data on every single device.

Is ProtonVPN free?

ProtonVPN is an absolutely free VPN that comes with great data encryption. you may find its free version bit limited but you can enjoy full security on your device. If you want extra fast speed and 350 plus servers for your device then you have to go with its paid version. Because its paid plans offer you more advanced features.

You can download ProtonVPN free on PC Windows and Mac Laptop from Here.

Private VPN For PC:


  • Fast internet browsing.
  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Unlock multimedia content.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • Support Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, and Router.


  • Lack of advanced options.
  • Slow speed.
  • Support logging policy.Private VPN For Pc

Private VPN is also a great VPN like other free VPN on this list. It’s the fastest-growing VPN that provides you with great security on the entire internet with lightning speed. This VPN lets you unblock geo-restricted content like video streaming and other blocked social networks. It has the fastest speed which lets you browse on the internet without any long wait or buffering. Its a most secure connection of its kind and its military-grade encryption secure your web traffic strongly. Now you can download and surf anything with the fastest connection.

iTop VPN for PC:iTop VPN

iTop VPN is one of the fastest and secure VPN services that allow you to surf the internet safely and securely. This VPN gives you access to restricted content from around the world and mask your IP address. Now you can enjoy real-time Internet freedom with iTop VPN at a very reasonable price. Download iTopn VPN for Windows, Laptop computer from here.

Is Private VPN totally free?

This VPN is not totally free but you can use it with 30 days money-back guarantee. This VPN supports really great features and allows you to enjoy untraceable browsing with full freedom in 60 seconds. You can try Private VPN for 30 days and enjoy the risk-free internet without any limits. Its free trial opens everything for its users and if you like this server then you have to purchase it for long use.

You can download Private VPN for PC Windows and Laptop from Here.

IS VPN important for PC and Mac Laptop?

VPN is very important nowadays for protecting yourself from Cyber threat and other third-party hackers. If you are conscious about your security and want to hide your identity and other personal business details from the third party then you have to go with the best VPN for your device. Because VPN is the only option that works like a security guard and keeps your details and customers data secure from hackers.

Can free VPN trusted and safe to use?

You can find so many good and bad VPNs in the market. Now it’s up to you which VPN you choose for your device. Because first, you need to trust your VPN providers and check their user rating, security ranking and always confirm they don’t have a logging policy. And always tried to go to those VPN providers which also offers you paid services after a limited trial period. Free VPN comes with some limitations and paid VPN comes with more premium features. Then you can select a safe one VPN for you. So you can easily trust on free VPNs because there are so many VPNs that provide you a completely safe and secure environment on the internet.

How Free VPN works for you?

It all depends on your priorities like what kind of benefits you want from free VPNs. If you want untraceable and unrestricted browsing then VPN is the only option that gives you a way to access the internet with freedom. This type of VPN services masks your IP and when you connect to a website no one can see what you are looking online. Your home IP will always hide from a third party and it also increases your computer speed as well. With the help of a VPN, you can improve the security of your device and use the internet with full freedom.

Alongside VPN also support video streaming and torrenting. You can download anything fast and open geo-restricted content worldwide. If you want a fast VPN for your device then you have to make sure that VPN must have strong privacy with military-grade data encryption.

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