Best Free VPN for PubG 2020- Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds

If you love to play battleground game, then you must know about PubG which take storm in the gaming world. PubG is one of the most famous games worldwide played by a billion people. The addiction of PubG is seriously going to be dangerous because PubG addiction is out of control and people love to spend the most time on PubG. We can say the most addictive game in the gaming world. PubG is a modern-day game which getting popular day by day. Its great designing, story, and features make this game more entertaining and thrilling.

best vpn for pubg

We cannot criticize PubG because it’s very entertaining, good for time killing and help you to make a new friend with its socialize system. Once you download PubG on your mobile, you will never stop yourself from playing. But unfortunately, this highly addictive game is not available in all regions. Many countries blocked PUbG like China, Iran, India, and Nepal because of the great firewall. All those countries are facing heavy internet censorship, and VPN is the only solution which solves internet restriction problem.

So if you are visiting those countries and can not live without playing PubG. Before traveling we suggest you download the free VPN for PubG PC. Because VPN is the only option that lets you play your most favorite battleground game in any restricted county without interruption. PubG VPN not only works for unblocking games but helps you to reduce ping rate and lag. Today you will learn about what is VPN? how its work for PubG? and best free VPN for PubG PC. Go ahead with this post for further details. For more free vpn for pc visit our blog.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is basically used to secure your internet connection. it hides your original IP address and helps you to save your identity. Not only this you can also use a VPN for saving your personal data from hackers and ISPs. It allows users to bypass internet censorship with ease as well as reduce lag and latency. And allow users to enjoy browsing anonymously.

How VPN works for PubG?

As we explained above about VPN in detail. We hope you understand the basic use of the VPN. And those who want to play their favorite game in those regions where PunbG is banned they must need VPN. Because without a VPN they cannot play PubG. VPN not only help to unblock PubG but also help you to get a great speed/ ping rate and hide your IP from the third party.

It protects you from any threat and server attacks that can affect your game. Playing PubG online can be a risk of hacking. VPN will help you to play PubG smoothly from different server locations and save you from all cyber attacks. So before playing PubG on your device, you have to choose the best VPN for your device. Here we will guide you on how you can select the PubG VPN and then follow the best VPN for PubG 2020 from below section.

How to choose a VPN for PubG:

Here we will explain to you before downloading any VPN which VPN is best for playing PubG. Because nowadays VPNs are common in the market, so it is not easy to find out the best VPN for playing PubG and other games. SO before purchasing any VPN, you should check speed, encryption, privacy, compatibility and server amount. Al these features must-have in your PubG VPN, without them you can not play PubG smoothly. Here let me explain to you more why these features are important for playing PubG?

  • First, let’s talk about the encryption, VPN basic purpose is privacy, they protect your device from all hackers and cybercriminals. So if you are playing PubG on your device, it means your data is at high risk. Hackers can steal your information and keep an eye on online activities. SO if you want to save your personal information from prying eyes then you have to choose that VPN that offers military-grade data encryption.
  • Now come to the second point which is speed, for playing PubG speed is really matters. Because without good speed you cannot play a good game and kill your competitors. Your pings rate must be very high which helps you to reach chicken dinner more easily. If you choose the fastest connection VPN then you can win the game more easily. Always tried to choose that VPN which offers fast speed connection, because the fastest connection will speed up lag and ping rate.
  • The third point is network servers, VPN must-have a number of servers that can help you to maintain a better connection. You also have access to connect your device to the nearest fastest server. And also help you to change your server anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • And the last point is compatibility, your selected VPN must be compatible with all devices, because of popularity now PubG can play almost all devices from PC and console to Xbox, Android, etc. So your VPN must be compatible with all those devices and you can play PubG easily.

Best VPN for PubG 2020:

best free vpn for pubg

Express VPN:

Express VPN is one of the highly advanced VPN that comes with intuitive tools and features. You will find this VPN ultra-fast with highly advanced security. This VPN will provide you fastest server for your PubG game. And allow you to play the game without any connection loss or data loss. While playing PubG with Express VPN you will save yourself more secure without worrying about the data leak. They also offered you blazing speed without compromise. So what you want more for playing PubG. just download Express VPN for PC now from Here. And enjoy playing PubG with great security. Express VPN is the best free VPN for PubG lite.

For Express VPN for PC review and installation method Click Here.

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is also the best choice for playing PubG. It is also the number one fastest connection worldwide which allows the user to use the internet without connection loss. If you are tired from the PubG game lagging issue then try Nord VPN now and fix your issue. It does not only reduce lag and latency but also helps you to protect your data from hackers. You also can hide your identity and play PubG without losing your exact location.

For a complete review of Nord VPN for PC and download method kindly visit our blog or click Here.


It is also the best option to play restricted games in any region. This VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections that allow you to play the game safely on any device from a single account. Surfshark VPN provides you full freedom on the internet. You can now safely play PubG on any device and enjoy a secure internet environment. This VPN supports P2P activity and compatible with all devices including PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

For a complete review of Surfshark VPN for PC and installation method Click Here.

Private VPN:

Private VPN is also another best option for playing games. You will find this VPN most reliable and easy to use. It will give you quick access to gaming with military-grade encryption. Private VPN is a user-friendly VPN that provides you with lightning speed. So now you can reduce your connection speed with Private VPN and enjoy playing PubG without connection loss. You can also speed up lag and ping rates. Private VPN is also compatible with all devices. So you now play PubG with a Private VPN on any device.

For a complete review of Private VPN for PC and download method Click Here.

Note:  All those VPNs also work great on mobile and best VPN for pub g mobile and best free VPN for PubG mobile lite. So mobile users can download them directly from their official website or Google Play Store.

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