Download iVMS-4500 for PC, Windows 7,8,10 Desktop and MAC

iVMS-4500 For PC is a video monitoring and editing tool, developed by HIKVISION HQ. The iVMS-4500 has earned a great recommendation as the application is the latest version and this media has been downloaded by almost 40000+ times. iVMS-4500 app offers video tracking and editing which allows you to edit and execute videos on your desktop.

Here the product uses the most advance technology to monitor the NVR, CCTV in addition to providing the option of pan-tilt-zoom control option. The app has a storage feature as well. Which allows you to keep your video recordings safe.ivms-4500 for pc

You can use this app for multi-purposes like super stores where you can have tracking of your goods. The small offices can utilize this app like having a check and balance on daily activities. This application is ideal for domestic uses where we can monitor our house entrances.

This amazing app by HIKVISION can work with a number of setups like

  •       DVD
  •       IP CEMRA
  •       NVR

Features of iVMS-4500 For Windows 10

Here are some of the best features of iVMS-4500


The application has an interesting feature of playback where you can reverse the footage as many times as you need. Just in case you need to find out something important. Usually, that is practiced in offices where the employer wants to find out the missing information.

Managing Alarm output

The app Is specially designed by considering security purposes. You can set your alarm as per your desire. The best part is you will receive the intimation no matter you are in Alaska.

Tracking Photos and videos

Through iVMS-4500 you can create one video by using different images and videos. Which is an eye-catching feature?

Pan-Tilt ZOOM

The application comes with the option of zoom in and zooms out. Where you can watch your video with a bit enhanced frame. Than Pan-tilt helps you to locate the frames that are a bit hard to see normally. Here the pan-tilt is serving you beyond the expectations.

Quicker access

 Some businesses are having a solid reputation in the market and due to that, they are covering large areas of ground. Now there are multiple cameras and It is not easy to monitor each and every camera at a time. The iVMS-4500 solves your problem and lets you monitor all CCTV cameras at a time. You can add the camera you have to use frequently. This will help you by saving a lot of time and on the other hand, you can monitor your desired location without any inconvenience.                   ivms 4500 for pc

How to Download iVMS-4500 for {C, windows 7,8,10 Desktop and MAC

  Certainly, IVMS-4500 for Windows 10 is an android based app that is being widely used on mobile tablets, etc. The most frequently asked question is how we can have this app on our PC. Here we will let our users know how to install this app on your Windows 7,8,10 Mac and desktop as well.

  •       You can download it by using Bluestacks.
  •       Open the blue stacks once it completes the installation
  •       Log into your google account of blue stacks.
  •       Search for iVMS-4500
  •       Run the iVMS-4500 via blue stacks on your PC

System requirements for iVMS-4500

 Here are some of the specifications your system should have to download this amazing app

  •       AMD CPU based on multicores
  •       8 GB storage of RAM
  •       A separate graphic card is required as well.

However, the application can benefit you in your professional as well as personal life. This security camera app can be used for security purposes. As we all know that we cannot compromise our safety at any cost. Here iVMS-4500 offers you to have a check and balance of your house entrances. This application can be utilized in the offices. Through this application you can record and monitor daily affairs. As the employer can track the daily activities from anywhere.

Although, Besides offering security the app provides high-tech video quality with clear pixels and allows you to watch videos at better frames.

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