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The internet has advanced so much in recent years that now it serves countless purposes. For many, it has become a lifestyle. Now, during the times of lockdowns and quarantine, people use the internet mainly for entertainment. However, due to the increasing online interest, some websites have blocked people from viewing their sites, or the sites are blocked in some countries due to their content. Furthermore, It is no longer as safe as it used to be to browse the internet streets with no protection for our data and online activity.

Exactly for the reasons mentioned above, there are countless VPN released on the play store over the years. However, some are reliable whereas others are not so. In this blog post, we introduce you to XY VPN, one of the popular, highly reliable and fully functioning proxy clients available in the play store right now.

Is XY VPN Really Worth Installing

Totally! XY VPN offers a wide variety of features and global servers. Moreover, the virtual proxy client offers unlimited bandwidth, high-end security on all user data, a Simply designed user interface, easy navigation and zero permission requirements.

You can read below in brief, all the amazing features which come with this highly unique and excellent performing proxy client.

Bypass Highly restricted websites

It’s not always countries that ban websites or apps but certain websites or apps also restrict their content from view by specific countries, especially those websites which are highly popular.

but don’t you worry because with XY VPN you can bypass all of such firewalls and gain access to any information, website, application, games, movies or videos. XY VPN conceal your original IP address using one of its amazing and fast speed servers. The server will be from a country that has that certain restricted site, app or game unblocked.

When you switch on the VPN, the proxy client automatically connects you to a fast speed and suitable server. But if you wish to change the foreign servers, you have all freedom to do so.

Finally use the internet without worrying about hackers, malware or malicious websites

Sometimes, the internet acts sketchy and it feels like your information and identity are being tracked by higher authorities or maybe hackers are trying to hack and steal your personal information or online activity. However, with a good and reliable proxy client, you can safely browse the internet without worrying about your data being compromised by any external sources.

Browsing with XY VPN will mean that you will be safe from data thieves and scammers. With a VPN like this one, you are guaranteed unlimited safety and protection even while using a public hotspot or wifi, where the risk of hackers and malware is extreme.

Play free and unlimited plus accelerated games

With XY VPN, restrictions on games can not only be bypassed but accelerated too. You can unblock games and play them freely with a secure internet connection. Moreover, the proxy client also increases the speed and quality of the game so you can enjoy a good gaming experience.

Easy-to-use and professional user interface

The virtual proxy client also comes with a highly user-friendly interface with easy access to all features. Whereas, the VPN can also be used in professional areas like schools, workplaces or other such institutions.

How to free download XY VPN for PC, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, and Mac Laptop?

There is no way to download and install XY VPN on PC officially. As there is no version available for Windows and iOS operating systems. We need third-party software that we can use on Windows but it can also supportive of Android apps. For this, we use Android emulator, Bluestacks is one of the best in performance. Follow the instructions below to download XY VPN on PC, Windows 10, and Mac.

Step No 1: Download Bluetacks Android Emulator

There are many Android emulators available online, some are free, and others have premium services. We suggest downloading Bluestacks as it is free and reliable. You can download from Bluetacks official site or have a look at our complete guide about downloading Bluestacks on PC.

Step No 2: Installation

After downloading complete, open the file and run after admin permission. It means you have to log in to the computer with admin control. Now click on the Install button to initiate the process.

Step No 3: Sync With Google

Bluestacks is installed on Windows no add you Google/Gmail account to sync your data with app player. If you want to create a new account sign-up, otherwise use your existing account.

Step No 4: T&C

Click agree on terms and conditions as you have no other way to continue with it.

Step No 5: Install XY VPN through PlayStore

Open Bluestacks and locate the Google PlayStore app it is already installed and can be seen on the main menu. On the other hand, you can simply search “XY VPN” in Bluestacks it will lead you to Google PlayStore. Now Click on the install button in Google Play Store.

Step No 6: XY VPN For PC

The app is installed and can be located from your system desktop or Bluestacks main menu. But always remember whenever you want to use XY VPN for Windows, Bluestacks android emulator is compulsory.

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