Persona 4 Golden for PC, Windows and Mac

Persona 4 Golden for PC is one of the best RPGs which comes with a great storyline and loveable character. It is one of the best award-winning finest game which was released in 2012 in Japan. This game is pure gold where you can find a ton of new stuff with beautiful graphics. Like this Gold version have a number of mysterious stories with beautiful voiced dialogue, amazing character and a great cast of personalities.

This novelistic game is based on the real-world of Inaba where characters carry out daily life and the mysterious TV World where midnight television leads to serial killings and underground prison filled with monsters. In this game, every player has the freedom to spend their quality time each day in a variety of different activities. This video game has everything you would expect from a good RPG.persona 4 golden for pc

It is the best PS vita and PlayStation 2/3 game but now PC users can also play this game with the help of a third-party emulator. Today you will learn how to download Persona 4 Gold on PC, Windows 10/8/7 and Mac for free. Before going to download method lets explore Persona 4 Gold then follow the installation method from the below section.

Persona 4 Golden Gameplay

Persona 4 Golden Character:

Naoto Shirogane: Nato is an orphan character who acts very mature and serious. She is a very intelligent and analytical person who focuses on mission-oriented. She is a lonely person because she has difficulty to make friends.

Yu Narukami: He is a silent protagonist in the game. He is a polite and calm character in most situations. He has a dry sense of humor which forces him to ask funny questionable things. Overall he is the determined, friendly, reserved and straightforward character in the game.

Igor: He is a doll handmade who became alive. He shows an interest in human beings and has played the role of the proprietor of the velvet room. He provides the player everything regarding their powers. In short, he assists in the velvet room.

Tohru Adachi: He is a police detective in the game.

Rise Kujikawa: She is a first-year student who returns to Inaba town for a brief hiatus. He is one of the main characters in the Persona 4 Gold game.

Yukiko Amagi: She is the protagonist’s classmate who is popular with boys and girls alike. She is a fearless character in the story who joy horror stories.

This is an adventure RPG gameplay based on the Japnese town Inaba. In this game, players are able to control the game’s protagonist. Like a teenage boy who’s named by the player comes in a Japanese town name Inaba with his uncle and cousin for some time. This town becomes more mysterious when the player found a TV World where numerous dungeons filled with monsters. The player has to save yourself and buddies from the TV World by the time fog appears in Inaba town. Because if someone stuck in the TV world that player will be killed by the monster which is known as a shadow.

Explore the Scary Shadow town With Strong Characters

In this game, the main character can make his own team and find the killers with new powers. Like you have to visit every dungeon with your team who is fighting with you in the battles. Every character has different strengths and weakness and with over 100 personas anyone can hunt down. In this game, personas gain experience from battle and level up in the game. Every game level, personas learn new skills and each persona can get up to 9 skills at a time.

In the battle team, every player will have their own unique Persona, which they can transform into a stronger. Players also can get more Personas when he levels up. Although when the player leaves the dungeons, they can visit the velvet room where the new character Marie is waiting for you. In the velvet room, you will have the ability to create skill cards of your Persona and hide her past skills as well.

Furthermore, a player can participate in real-world activities in Inaba town and spend their day as they like. You can take a part-time job and earn money, join school clubs, read books in the library or explore the shadows TV World to gain new experience and carry items. The player will have different activities after school, day time and evening. And if you visit the TV World, most of the activities unavailable on that day. Players will have full opportunity to spend their time how they like. If the player killed by shadows in the TV World, the game will end and the player will return to a week early level.

How to Play Persona 4 Golden on PC?

Persona 4 Golden is a PlayStation game that can now play easily on PC and Mac with Vita 3k Emulator. In this new technology ear, everything is possible and we have to say thanks to third party emulator which makes things easy. The emulator will help all P4G lovers to play their most favorite game on PC without wasting time.

Persona 4 Golden on PC with Vita 3K Emulator

In this post, we will guide you on how to successfully download Persona 4 Gold on PC and Mac OS. You just have to follow the installation guide from the below section and enjoy P4G with amazing experience on PC.

Step No1: Download Vita 3k Emulator

There are many fake methods available on the internet, many sites explaining “how to install Persona 4 Golden for PC” without proper knowledge. Some say, you can use Bluestacks to download Persona 4 golden on PC and other talking about Nox Emulator. First of all, these are Android emulators and only support Android Apps on PC. Persona 4 Golden is not available on Play Store, so you can’t use any android emulator for PC. The only option, to play PlayStation game on PC is Vita 3K Emulator for Windows. You can download Vita 3k Emulator from here. Its an open-source PlayStation emulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Step No 2: Install Vita 3k Emulator

One Vita 3k emulator file downloaded successfully, open it. But keep in mind its a .7z file and you can’t open it on windows without 7z package extractor. So I suggest downloading 7z archiver from here. When its downloaded open .exe file and install it on PC. After that locate the Vita 3k Emulator file and right-click on file, select 7-zip and then click on “extract file here”. It will give you 3k vita emulator main source installation file. now click on it and install the emulator, Follow on-screen instructions.

Step No 3: Download Persona 4 Golden on PC

Now Vita 3k Emulator is installed, its time to download Persona 4 golden game from here. it’s a heavy file almost 2GB so you must have a reliable internet connection if you are on data check your package first. When the game is downloaded, open it with Vita 3k Emulator and enjoy your gameplay.

Persona 4 Golden with PCSX2 Emulator

PCSX3 Emulator for PlayStation is a free game player for Windows and PC. You can download and install any PlayStation 2 game on the computer. Follow the instructions below to install Persona 4 Golden on PC:

  • Firstly you have to download PCSX2 emulator on windows from here. When downloading completely open the .exe setup file and start installation process.
  • Choose your installation path where you have space because all the games will save there. So we suggest finding enough space in any drive. Now follow on-screen instructions.
  • When PCSX2 installed, it will ask you more setting like Bios configuration. You can follow the instruction on how to use bios in PCSX2 from here.
  • Now download Persona 4 Gold on your PC from this site.
    When the games downloaded, open with PCSX2 emulator and enjoy the game on PC.


In short, it is the perfect recreation of an all-time classic interesting story. It is great gameplay that comes with a great cast of characters, amazing dialogue and some great additions to the original version. All characters are amazingly developed and fighting has some super mechanics. Alongside game feels like a mix between final fantasy. We must say that the game is the most original thing you will ever find yourself playing a storywise. You trave in the TV world where you have to fight with a monster which likes to encounter shadow forms of your inner self which is fantastic.

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